Sewing tricks

I have to do a FBA (full bust adjustment) to EVERY pattern for a top or dress that I come across. I also have to take centremetres off the shoulder, and adjust for a sway back. This drives me potty (because it’s slows the process down so much – like twice as long at least), and led me to take a pattern drafting course so I could bypass patterns completely.

However, I really do like patterns, especially Indie Patterns which have such novel creative ideas. So, I’ve learnt some tricks to doing a quick FBA, as well as copying your favourite garments from the shop…

My plan for this page is to archive those useful sewing tips, either my own or link to the fantastic ones I’ve found on the web. When I do, I’ll announce it in a blog post so you don’t miss them :).

For starters here’s one nice method for a FBA:

Oh and one top tip: if you have to do a FBA, start off with the pattern that is closest to your waist and hip measurement (ignore the bust measurement) and then adjust that for a FBA. Don’t, whatever you do, go for the pattern that fits your bust – or think of going up a bit in size to ease the process! All that will happen is you’ll need to make adjustments left, right, and centre …

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