So, why the name ‘the takahe bites’?

Well, the idea for this blog was forged during my first meetup with the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network, after the 2013 Fabric-a-brac. While I was catching up with these wonderful and creative people, The Husband had taken The Little Lady to Zealandia for a walk and a picnic.

Midway through our Yum Cha extravaganza and sewing babble, the Husband texts me with “A takahe bit the Little Lady” text. A what, what, what?! Long story short, said takahe reached up to steal the Little Lady’s sandwich (turns out they can reach quite far) and in the process of stealing said sandwich it bit her finger. The finger is all ok now – after a trip to after hours – although the Little Lady may end up with a takahe phobia. Well if you’re going to have a phobia of a bird, at least the takahe is one of the rarest birds in the world.

So there you have it, the origin of this blog and the origin of its name 🙂

In honour of the biting takahe, I thought I would occasionally post about the beautiful and abundant bird life that you can see in New Zealand. To date I’ve had amazing experiences with native Tui, Takahe, Kiwi, Kea, Fantails and Pukeko, to name but a few, as well as countless non-native birds. The Husband and I have even managed to catch photos of these beautiful birds, so I will periodically post one of those photos with a bit of information about the bird. They are often blurry shots taken on my mobile phone (these birds don’t hang around!), but I still love them!

To start, here is a takahe in Zealandia (taken on the decent camera for once!)


Wonder if this one was the culprit that bit the Little Lady’s finger?

Look at him emerging from the grass - wonder if he was the culprit that bit the Little Lady's finger?

Or maybe it was this guy? Look at him emerging from the grass …. hunting for fingers…

According to Zealandia’s website, Takahe (I can’t find the macron for the e on my keyboard) are only found in New Zealand. They come from the same family as Pukeko (my favourite bird) and were thought extinct until they were discovered in 1948 in a remote Fiordland valley. Since then places like Zealandia have been bringing them back from the brink of extinction, and we now have 225 birds in the country 🙂 The discovery story is fascinating and well worth exploring (with elements of: man walks down from the hills and says “I saw a takahe”, “no you didn’t that’s the Whiskey”, “yes I did” — you get the picture)….

It seems that these takahe are not just ones for biting fingers, but also for eating paradise ducks. Gulp. Look at this video:

Glad they didn’t eat the Little Lady! They are amazing birds – if you ever get the chance to see them, do. Just keep your hands in your pockets!!!

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